Rapunzel's Box — COVID-19 Relief Subscription Box

The global pandemic COVID-19 has forced families and friends to quarantine at home. With a widespread lack of access to daily necessities, families struggle to find convenient and safe ways to acquire items.

Subscription box services are efficient and convenient product distribution systems that deliver recurring packages to users' homes. Over the summer, I worked with Chris Han to design a subscription box that delivers essential items to families' doorsteps to eliminate risk of exposure to the virus.

Chris Han

Visual Branding
Product Design

Summer 2020, 1 month

Project Overview

Problem Space
In lockdown, citizens have difficulty accessing essential items without risk, and many items in stores are being sold out or limited due high demand. As the nation transitions into heavy quarantine, our problem space focuses on supporting families from home in a convenient and personalized way.

Project Goals
1.  Create a cohesive visual brand for Rapunzel's Box.
2. Design a user-friendly service that allows users to customize their subscription box.

To get a stronger grasp on the direction and concept of our subscription box, we laid out the features that would be included with the service.

Because we were working remotely, we did the bulk of our brainstorming process on Figma.

For our brand, we decided on the name Rapunzel's Box as it referenced the idea of staying inside or at home in "lockdown."


In developing our brand, we wanted to choose colors that were bright and optimistic to uplift our users' emotions and spark joy upon receiving the box.

Click here to view our full
brand guide.

Wireframing the User Experience
Afterwards, we built out the user experience journey to create a streamlined process for signing up and customizing the subscription box.

We spent the next week working on the illustrations for the box cover and smaller assets based on our wireframes. We first drew out all our illustration assets on Procreate and compiled them to implement into our wireframes.

Hand-drawn Illustration Assets


Once drawing our illustrations, we began to implement our wireframes and develop the user experience for signing up and customizing a subscription box.

Rapunzel's Box was my first self-directed project with another designer, proving to be both challenging in rewarding in many ways.  Although working on a project without strict deadlines or guidelines made it difficult to keep pace with our ideas, it also allowed us freedom for
individual creativity and pushed us to place more thought into our design decisions.

Before launching into the illustration and prototyping phase, it was essential to first build out our
concept and brand so we could properly design an effective and enjoyable user experience.